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Frances Tabbernor is a contemporary artist. 

Her work is in the tradition of capturing place and landscape, depicting those moments of transformation - when things are not what they seem and are intriguing. 

She invites you to join her and explore the mysterious and unique beauty of the coastline.


With each brushstroke, she engages in a dialogue with the shifting sands and crumbling cliffs, capturing the essence of a coast caught in perpetual motion.


Her paintings transcend mere replication; it's a journey into the surreal depths of abstraction. Colours intertwine and blend. Light plays across the surface. These paintings aren't purely representational, they are portals into the depths of memory and emotion.


Every painting tells a story of intrigue and resonance, where the familiar becomes unfamiliar.



I made this video as part of my art journey in 2023, and since my art practice has continued to develop. I plan to refresh this video. It's on my to-do list, and I can't wait to show you the new version once it's ready.

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